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We've got an exclusive first look at a scene from the chilling & emotional Season 2 premiere of this original drama series. Centered on a tragic school shooting, "School" was recreated for English audiences by renowned director Podz, who also directed a version of the same episode for the French-Canadian version of 19-2.
In "School," patrolman Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso) is reluctantly acting as an informant for the SQ (Sûreté du Québec), trying to uncover the identity of the mole in Station 19. Currently, his partner Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes) is the main suspect. Then, when Nick and Ben are first responders to the most devastating call of their careers, Ben’s mission goes awry. The entire squad is embroiled in an intensely tragic school shooting, with consequences that will profoundly impact all of their lives.
Season 2 of 19-2 sees the return of embattled beat partners Ben Chartier and Nick Barron, and delves into their multi-layered relationship as they continue to navigate the streets of Montréal and its systemic corruption. Under pressure from the Sûreté du Québec to uncover the identity of a mole at Station 19, Ben begins to secretly investigate his own squad, challenging his loyalties, and forcing him into a web of lies and deceit. His investigation further complicates both his partnership with Nick, and their burgeoning friendship. 
The sophomore season introduces two new characters, Cassius Clement (a.k.a. Kaz), Nick’s charming, career-criminal cousin, and Rita, Kaz’s girlfriend. By reconnecting with his cousin, Nick begins to explore his own identity and uncover the fate of his father. On the job, Nick is ready to forge a real partnership with Ben but they have secrets that cannot stay buried for long and could ultimately tear the squad apart.

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