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Behind the scenes: Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso, and Benz Antoine train for a third season of 19-2. (Photo credit: SPVM)
Bravo announced that production has begun on Season 3 of its hit original drama 19-2. Set to return to Bravo in 2016, the 10-episode, hour-long drama co-produced by Montréal’s Sphere Media Plus and Echo Media, films on location in Montréal throughout the rest of summer and fall. Season 3 sees the return of beat partners Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso), and Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes), as they navigate the blurred-lines between Montréal politics and organized crime, while the squad searches for redemption and begins to heal from Season 2’s traumatic events including a horrific school shooting, and the shocking revelation that their beloved sergeant was a pedophile. 
Season 3 also introduces new cast members including Juliette Gosselin (LES JEUNES LOUPS) as manipulative teen foster child Martine who claims to have information on Kaz’s death; Krista Bridges (DURHAM COUNTY) as Inspector Elise Roberge stationed at 19 to wrap up the investigation of Sergeant Houle; and Joe Pingue (THE EXPANSE) as Charlie Figo, an old-school mobster who goads Nick into uncharted territory. Writers Bruce Smith (DURHAM COUNTY), Jesse McKeown (ROGUE), and Nikolijne Troubetzkoy (CALL ME FITZ) return, as Lynne Kamm (8 Count) and Alison Lea Bingeman (REMEDY) join the writer’s room. Louis Choquette (Rumours, Mirador, Le Gentleman) returns to direct, with Sturla Gunnarsson (MOTIVE), and Stefan Pleszczynski (THE FLASH) also confirmed to direct this season.

season 3 sneak peek

Bravo revealed a first look at season 3 of the critically acclaimed original series, 19-2. Click on the screen below to watch the sneak peek.

19-2 is shot on location in Montréal and produced by the Bell Media Agency.

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