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Picking up from a climactic Season 3 finale, The Pearson Specter offices are short a staff member since Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams, ROSEMARY’S BABY) left the law practice to protect his friends, and himself, from the lie he has been living.

No longer working alongside his mentor Harvey (Gabriel Macht, Love and Other Drugs), Season 4 sees Mike navigate a new career on Wall Street. Season 4 also introduces viewers to new faces including Neal McDonough (MOB CITY) in a recurring guest-starring role as Sean Cahill, a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigator working to uncover misconduct at Pearson Specter; DB Woodside (24) as Jeff Malone, a former SEC prosecutor who’s financial expertise are needed when Pearson Specter faces its toughest challenge yet; and Brendan Hines (LIE TO ME) as Logan Sanders, the entitled son of a millionaire entrepreneur. Logan’s desire to prove himself as a worthy business man, puts him in the middle of a conflict between Harvey (Macht) and Mike (Adams).

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