Jared Keeso Jared Keeso

Jared Keeso

Ben Chartier

Honest, uncomplicated, and sensible. Or so he seems. He bears emotional scars. His combination of affability and strict honesty serves him well on the job, but he arrives at Station 19 ill-prepared for the politics of a major police force.

Adrian Holmes Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes

Nick Barron

Nick Barron is a hardened beat cop with over a decade of experience patrolling the streets of Montréal. Strong-willed and independent, Nick has a reputation as a cowboy who flouts the rules, but also as an effective, intelligent cop with keen instincts and empathy for those on the margins of society. Newly divorced and freed from the burden of caring for his paralyzed ex-partner Harvey, Nick finds himself seeking out his own roots and connecting with his criminal cousin, Kaz, and explores the mystery of what happened to his father who disappeared when Nick was a teenager. On the job, ready to be a real partner, Nick tries to help Ben cope and recover after the tragic school shooting.

Maxim Roy Maxim Roy

Maxim Roy

Detective Isabelle Latendresse

Nick’s ex-wife and mother to their teenage son Theo, this season sees Isabelle’s personal life clashing with her work. Tensions rise when Theo has a run-in with the law, and Nick’s open investigation with the SQ holds her back from a promotion.

Dan Petronijevic Dan Petronijevic

Dan Petronijevic

J.M. Brouillard

While J.M.’s smarts and determination would see him advance in life, his inability to control his anger are a constant detriment. A series of stressful workplace events makes J.M.’s efforts to keep his anger under control, difficult to sustain.

Benz Antoine Benz Antoine

Benz Antoine

Tyler Joseph

Joseph is a troubled beat cop and is played by Benz Antoine who reprises his role from the original Québec series.

Mylène Dinh-Robic Mylène Dinh-Robic

Mylène Dinh-Robic

Beatrice Hamelin

As Tyler’s no-nonsense partner, Bear (as she is affectionately called by the squad) is suspicious of Tyler’s sudden ease with sobriety, and finds herself conflicted by their enabling rapport. Meanwhile, she continues to try and deal with her infatuation with fellow beat cop, Audrey.

Laurence Leboeuf Laurence Leboeuf

Laurence Leboeuf

Audrey Pouliot

This season, Audrey finds herself trying to bounce back after surviving a horrific beating on the job. Her physical scars are barely noticeable but the emotional trauma of the beating is harder to see and takes longer to heal. In the wake of her ordeal, Audrey overcompensates under pressure, and finds herself in the midst of a clash with the public.

Tyler Hynes Tyler Hynes

Tyler Hynes

Vince Legare

Vince’s inexperience lands him in hot water when he is tempted on the job. Still learning the rules of the precinct, he trips up significantly when he decides to break them.

Sarah Allen Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen

Catherine Lariviere

Ben’s first love and high school girlfriend is trying to cope with life in the big city, after moving from a quiet rural town to be with Ben. Patient and loving, Catherine is coming to the realization that she no longer fits into his new, Montréal life.

Tattiawna Jones Tattiawna Jones

Tattiawna Jones

Amelie de Grace

Nick’s sister is a kind, free-spirited social worker who had a fling with Ben. Her innate compassion and nurturing nature make her a likely person for Ben to lean on in the aftermath of the shooting.

Conrad Pla Conrad Pla

Conrad Pla

Sergeant Julien Houle

Sergeant Houle is a straight shooter who oversees the squad at Station 19. Houle is a natural leader and father figure to the squad. He continues to be devoted to his team, and readily defends their best interests against the politics of the department.

Bruce Ramsay Bruce Ramsay

Bruce Ramsay

District Commander Marcel Gendron

Manipulative and conniving, Gendron has a personal vendetta against Nick. After recruiting Ben and Nick to track down Sandrine, his missing, drug-addicted teenage daughter, he finds himself indebted to their service.

Richard Chevolleau Richard Chevolleau

Richard Chevolleau

Cassius Clement

Also known as “Kaz,” Cassius is Nick’s career-criminal, charming cousin, who co-owns a body shop associated with money laundering. Kaz and Nick rekindle their friendship after a chance encounter in the city’s housing projects. Kaz’s warmth, and shared history with Nick make him a welcome presence post-divorce and school shooting, but their friendship quickly descends into a dangerous association with serious consequences for both of them.

Danny Blanco Hall & Anthony Lemke Danny Blanco Hall & Anthony Lemke

Danny Blanco Hall & Anthony Lemke

Girard & Malloy

Girard and Malloy are Ben’s SQ handlers for the mole investigation. They are tough detectives who keep a short leash on Ben, and their cards close to their chest. They expect a lot from Ben, but don’t offer much in return.

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