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Set in the near future, the 10-episode, hour-long thriller centres on one L.A. family’s struggle to survive in the unstable city now divided by differing ideologies. While some residents are compliant with the occupation and reap the benefits, others rebel against the new order and suffer for it.
Featuring a team of genre heavyweights, COLONY comes from the creative team of Carlton Cuse (LOST, THE STRAIN) and Ryan Condal (Hercules), and stars Josh Holloway (LOST) and Sarah Wayne Callies (THE WALKING DEAD) as husband and wife, Will and Katie Bowman, who find themselves separated from their son after the invasion of L.A. and are willing to do anything necessary to reunite their family. COLONY also stars Peter Jacobson (HOUSE) as the cunning and opportunistic Proxy Snyder, leader of the green zone, and Amanda Righetti (THE MENTALIST) as Maddie Bowman, Katie’s younger sister.
In COLONY, former Army Intelligence officer Will is a man willing to risk everything and anything if it means protecting his family. The opportunity arises when the powerful Proxy Snyder presents Will with an offer – collaborate with the occupational government, and in return, get his son back. Will and Kate find themselves confronted with a difficult decision in a position where they must be willing to cross lines they never thought possible, risking lives and relationships to protect their family.

During Season 1 the Bowman’s son, Charlie had been separated from his family with no contact for nearly a year. However, in the finale we learn he is alive and well, and reasonably well fed. Season 2 starts off with Charlie's fate still a mystery, but the elder Bowman son, Bram, has a major role to play, and he's in for a rough ride.  


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