Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing

Bobby Ewing

Patrick Duffy

Bobby Ewing is the compassionate younger brother of J.R. Ewing. The current proprietor of Southfork and the unofficial Ewing caretaker, Bobby is determined to protect those he loves the most, his family. Bobby is thrilled with the development of Ewing Energies and supports son Christopher's alternative energy plan 100 percent. He also has Christopher's back when it comes to tracking down the real Becky Sutter in order to prove his son's marriage was a fraud. Bobby will turn out to be the rock and support system his wife Ann needs as she discovers shocking information about her daughter, who was kidnapped years ago. Even though Bobby is still recovering from his bout with cancer, he will do whatever it takes to safeguard his family, even if it means making significant sacrifices to see that happen.

Sue Ellen Ewing Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing

Sue Ellen Ewing

Linda Gray

Sue Ellen Ewing is a survivor. The former wife of JR Ewing, Sue Ellen has seen it all and grown all the wiser for it. She is a powerful woman in Dallas, leading successful fundraising campaigns, taking on causes and making connections with influential Texans. Her success has led her to a possible run for governor, with campaign backers already lining up to support her. But despite this success, Sue Ellen harbours deep regret for her mistakes as a mother raising John Ross and will do anything to make things right for him. She resents JR for neglecting their son, but she also blames herself for giving John Ross such a tumultuous childhood. She knows that her drinking and feuding with JR left deep wounds in John Ross that she will never be able to heal. With her newfound power and influence, Sue Ellen offers herself as an ally to her son in his quest to find oil, making one last effort to try to right the wrongs of her past.

John Ross Ewing Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing

John Ross Ewing

Josh Henderson

John Ross Ewing is the ambitious son of JR and Sue Ellen Ewing. A chip off the old block, John Ross is determined to strike it rich in the oil industry and prove himself capable of stepping into his father’s shoes. Growing up, John Ross was enticed by promises that the Ewing Oil Empire would be his one day. With his parents feuding and using him to manipulate each other, John Ross lacked a stable childhood and divided his formative years between Dallas, Europe and boarding school. Even though he enjoyed the same privileges of growing up a Ewing as his cousin Christopher, he exploited his wealth and family’s power to get ahead with little personal effort, giving him a reputation of being a spoiled rich kid. John Ross never felt the love and emotional support he longed to receive from his parents growing up, so he turned to his compassionate and patient friend Elena who was always seeing the best in him. Now as an adult with a lot to prove, John Ross is determined to impress his father, despite their lack of a relationship, and he has his eyes set on SouthFork and the girl he’s loved since childhood, Elena.

Christopher Ewing Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing

Christopher Ewing

Jesse Metcalfe

Christopher Ewing is the adopted son of Bobby Ewing and his first wife Pam. Ever since childhood, Christopher was keenly aware that he was adopted, and his cousin John Ross was always eager to remind him that he wasn’t a “real Ewing.” Growing up, his was the softer temperament to that of John Ross, who frequently used Christopher as a scapegoat for his shenanigans. Together with Elena, the cousins were best friends during their formative years before John Ross left for Europe. Christopher worked hard and aimed to make the Ewing name great again, all while harboring insecurities about his place in the family. Christopher later fell deeply in love with Elena and proposed to her. But when Elena broke off their engagement the day of their wedding, a heartbroken Christopher fled to Asia to research alternative energies. While overseas, he fell in love with the beautiful Rebecca Sutter who was traveling after completing her law degree. Now, the pair are engaged and returning to SouthFork to plan their wedding, with Christopher determined to make a name for himself in the alternative fuel industry without the financial favours of his father. With his big break hopefully around the corner, Christopher is determined to put the family name back on the map and prove himself truly a Ewing.

Ann Ewing Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing

Ann Ewing

Brenda Strong

Ann Ewing is the third wife of Bobby Ewing. Introduced by mutual friend Sue Ellen, Bobby was instantly struck by Ann’s quiet strength and beauty. A consummate horse cutter, she fell in love with SouthFork Ranch. They quickly fell in love and married, and the pair settled in to SouthFork and began making it their own. A woman who can work a gun and ride a stallion, Ann fits right into the Ewing lineup of beautiful women who know their way around a ranch. Ann’s first marriage to big-time Texas transportation executive Harris Ryland, who is as sly as he is rich, continues to haunt Ann in her new life. But despite her past, she is a supportive wife to Bobby and has assumed her role as the new matriarch of SouthFork with dignity and grace.

Elena Ramos Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos

Elena Ramos

Jordana Brewster

As the cook’s daughter, Elena Ramos grew up on SouthFork ranch with John Ross and Christopher Ewing. Elena moved to Dallas from Mexico with her parents when she was eight years old, where her mother Carmen was the beloved cook to the Ewing family. Growing up, John Ross, Christopher and Elena were as close as The Three Musketeers, and while Elena never played favourites between the cousins, it was always Christopher who secretly had her heart. Despite John Ross’ mischievous and rebellious ways, Elena always saw the good in him and supported him, which led to John Ross secretly caring for her his whole life. But it was Christopher who won her heart when they began dating in graduate school and eventually became engaged. When a misunderstanding led to calling off their wedding, Elena was heartbroken and fled to Mexico where John Ross found her and confessed his love. Elena had dreams of her own to make it big in the oil industry, so armed with her master’s degree in energy resources and her new Ewing business partner, she has returned to Dallas ready to strike it big.

Pamela Rebecca Barnes Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Rebecca Barnes

Pamela Rebecca Barnes

Julie Gonzalo

Rebecca Sutter, the estranged fiancee of Christopher Ewing, is actually Pamela Rebecca Barnes, the daughter of longtime Ewing enemy Cliff Barnes, Bobby's one-time brother-in-law. The sweet and compassionate Rebecca Sutter is gone, replaced with Pamela Rebecca, who is just as scheming and conniving as her father. Pregnant with Christopher's twins, Pamela is out to gain complete control of Ewing Energies and full custody of her babies. She and her father have made a vow to take down the Ewing family once and for all.

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