Adrian Holmes Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes

Nick Barron

Nick Barron is a hardened beat cop with over a decade of experience patrolling the streets of Montreal. Strong-willed and independent, Nick has a reputation as a cowboy who flouts the rules, but also as an effective, intelligent cop with keen instincts and empathy for those on the margins of society.

Jared Keeso Jared Keeso

Jared Keeso

Ben Chartier

Honest, uncomplicated, and sensible. Or so he seems. Ben has accumulated a lot of baggage since leaving his small town home for Montreal. His combination of affability and strict honesty serves him well on the job, and he is finally forming a real partnership with Nick.

Dan Petronijevic Dan Petronijevic

Dan Petronijevic

J.M. Brouillard

J.M. is the black sheep of the squad. Outed as a coward and abusive husband, J.M. returns to a squad that doesn't want him around. With his marriage in ruins, J.M. clings to the job more desperately than ever.

Benz Antoine Benz Antoine

Benz Antoine

Tyler Joseph

After years of trying to function as an alcoholic, Tyler finally hits bottom and tries to face his demons. A troubled cop fighting to get better, Tyler is played by Benz Antoine, who reprises his role from the original Québec series.

Laurence Leboeuf Laurence Leboeuf

Laurence Leboeuf

Audrey Pouliot

Fully recovered from the horrific beating she suffered in Season One, Audrey must now deal with being a public pariah thanks to viral videos of her losing her temper on the job. More importantly, Audrey must cope with the rage issues that those videos captured.

Mylène Dinh-Robic Mylène Dinh-Robic

Mylène Dinh-Robic

Beatrice Hamelin

Bear (as she is affectionately called by the squad) is now the acting sergeant in 19, a duty that strains her friendships on the squad.

Bruce Ramsay Bruce Ramsay

Bruce Ramsay

District Commander Marcel Gendron

Manipulative and conniving, Gendron is scrambling to save his own skin after the exposure that there was a mole in his station. Better with numbers than he is with people, Gendron is determined to restore 19's shattered reputation.

Maxim Roy Maxim Roy

Maxim Roy

Detective Isabelle Latendresse

Nick’s ex-wife and mother to their teenage son Theo, Isabelle finds herself caught between her Commander and the squad.

Tattiawna Jones Tattiawna Jones

Tattiawna Jones

Amelie de Grace

After a rocky road in Season Two, Nick's sister Amelie is ready to make the leap and get serious with Ben. She's a ray of sunlight in both men's lives, and the one thing they both truly love.

Richard Chevolleau Richard Chevolleau

Richard Chevolleau

Cassius Clement

Also known as “Kaz,” Cassius is Nick’s career-criminal, charming cousin, who co-owns a body shop associated with money laundering. Kaz and Nick rekindle their friendship after a chance encounter in the city’s housing projects. Kaz’s warmth and shared history with Nick make him a welcome presence post-divorce and school shooting, but their friendship quickly descends into a dangerous association with serious consequences for both of them.

Krista Bridges Krista Bridges

Krista Bridges

Inspector Elise Roberge

An extremely senior Internal Affairs investigator (she outranks the Commander), Elise comes into 19 to deal with the aftermath of the mole being exposed.

Alexander De Jordy Alexander De Jordy

Alexander De Jordy

Richard Dulac

The squad's rookie is in for a rough ride this year, struggling to earn respect from a squad that is slow to give it.

Juliette Gosselin Juliette Gosselin

Juliette Gosselin


A teenaged runaway who may be a vital witness in Nick's pursuit of those responsible for the death of his cousin Kaz.

Spiro Malandrakis Spiro Malandrakis

Spiro Malandrakis

Frank Ferney

Ferney is Martine’s uncle, an ex-con with a violent past who fights to get custody of his beloved niece.

Joe Pingue Joe Pingue

Joe Pingue

Charlie Figo aka The Baker

A Portuguese bakery owner with mob connections, Figo wants to get his hooks into Nick.

Darcy Laurie  Darcy Laurie

Darcy Laurie

Roy Suarez

A veteran cop who's openly gay, Suarez is a new addition to 19.

Neil Napier Neil Napier

Neil Napier


Tyler’s new AA sponsor, Jerry is a bike cop with attitude.



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