Ben & Star Ben & Star

Ben & Star

These binge-watchers met in a forest during a fantasy fight. After Ben offered Star his foam sword, it was love at first sight and the couple got married within a year. Ben is a video editor. One of his favourite shows is MY LITTLE PONY because he says it’s full of magical life lessons. Star recently left behind her event planning business to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

Jasmine, Dionne Jasmine, Dionne

Jasmine, Dionne

Friends Jasmine and Dionne are bonafide TV junkies who enjoy watching, and commenting on, a wide range of shows, from dating shows to serious dramas. The duo especially enjoy debating with one another - and no topic is too serious or too absurd! While Dionne wears her heart on her sleeve and is prone to random outbursts at the TV, Jasmine is more methodical in building her arguments and biding her time before "going in for the kill," - perhaps fuelled by candy and chocolate, which she always has at hand.

Nic & Jordan Nic & Jordan

Nic & Jordan

These friends and business partners, run a local gym, and still find the time to watch hours of TV together each week. Nic enjoys all genres and when he’s immersed in a juicy storyline, he loves to tuck into his favourite snack - a big plate of fruit. Jordan approaches an evening of TV-watching like a professional athlete, by whipping up a protein-rich smoothie before a big marathon.

Kathleen, Gladys, Cindy Kathleen, Gladys, Cindy

Kathleen, Gladys, Cindy

Long-time friends and neighbours Kathleen, Gladys and Cindy enjoy getting together regularly to gab, giggle and of course, watch some of their favourite TV shows! This trio of gal pals enjoys a wide range of hobbies among them: Kathleen’s interests include playing the piano and skiing; Gladys is an avid golfer and has been known to host impromptu parties; Cindy loves reading, gardening and spending time with her 3 year-old grandson.

Ken & Natasha Ken & Natasha

Ken & Natasha

Ken and Natasha have been together for 14 years and are expecting their second child in August. Natasha is a business analyst and trouble-shooter at work, and at home. She loves legal dramas, romantic comedies, and cooking shows. A photographer and filmmaker, Ken likes to watch high-action dramas and comedies.

Kenny & Tara Kenny & Tara

Kenny & Tara

It wasn’t love at first sight, but after three years of dating Kenny and Tara decided to move in together. In their cozy abode, they love watching television curled up with their lion-sized cat, Charles. Tara cries when she sees disturbing things on TV and is not a fan of watching the nightly news. But she still has plenty to say about the state of world. Kenny likes to play devil’s advocate, and frequently challenges Tara about her opinions.

Shirlene, Jizelle, & Chrield Shirlene, Jizelle, & Chrield

Shirlene, Jizelle, & Chrield

Originally from Trinidad, this close-knit family says television brings them together, but can sometimes divide them. There’s always plenty of heated debate over what to watch, sometimes fuelled by a glass of wine, or two. Shirlene complains she hardly ever gets to control the remote. When Jizelle sees something she hates on TV, she can’t help voice her opinion. Meanwhile, Matriarch, Chrield, gets very uncomfortable watching shows that have a lot of sexual content.

Stephen & MaTTi Stephen & MaTTi

Stephen & MaTTi

Stephen is an independent business and design consultant; MaTTi is a modelling agent. The couple met through a mutual friend who suggested they meet simply because they lived across the street from one another; after an epic 8 hour first date, they hit it off instantly and got engaged within 6 months! They married in 2012 – their wedding was featured as the first gay wedding in the print edition of Wedding Bells magazine. They love watching TV together and enjoy a wide variety of shows while sipping their beverage of choice - brandy or cognac (which they refer to as vitamin B and C, respectively!).

Sylvia & David Sylvia & David

Sylvia & David

After 22 years of marriage, these retired teachers may have found the secret to marital bliss – watching TV together! A saxophonist in a jazz band and a painter, David loves talent shows. Sylvia is originally from Britain and her favourite television show is CORONATION STREET. In fact, she remembers the very first episode, which aired in 1960.

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